Natural Headache Remedies

It happens to all of us at one time or another, for various reasons: the headache that you just need to go away.

Instead of popping a pill that may or may not have suspicious chemicals, side effects, or just masks the core issue, try one of these easy natural remedies instead! Plus, I prefer a frugal option, that doesn’t send me for an expensive prescription or doctor’s office fee.

Dehydration can cause headaches, and this drink is a great way to rehydrate. It is rich in potassium and magnesium, which can help address the body’s main need (instead of just treating symptoms). If you don’t care for the flavor, pour it into your favorite smoothie for a tasty treat! Look for it at the grocery store in the juice section or ethnic foods aisle.

    Chiropractic Adjustments

For health maintenance, I see my chiropractor regularly. But if I delay in making an appointment, any areas that need to be adjusted just snowball into creating more issues, eventually affecting my head & neck. A headache is often my signal that I am overdue for an adjustment! (Check with your local practitioner; they may offer an affordable family plan; mine does.) My chiropractor also just reminded me about staying hydrated… oops!

    Essential Oils

The first one that always comes to mind for me is Peppermint Essential Oil. Using a high-quality oil, you will likely only need a tiny amount (a drop or two). Add it to a carrier oil for a massage (careful; some people may experience skin sensitivity), drop it on a steaming warm damp washcloth to inhale, put it in a diffuser, soak in a bath, or add a drop to a glass of drinking water.

Other oil options include Roman Chamomile (use topically or diffuse; good for children), Eucalyptus (topical or diffuser use; especially if your headache is from sinus congestion, Grapefruit, and Lavender (a good choice during pregnancy or for children; especially if the headache is due to stress/tension). Some companies offer therapeutic synergistic blends of oils to address headaches, too.


If your headache is due to muscle tension in your shoulders or neck, focus on relaxing those areas with some massage. (If you can get a partner to massage it for you, even better!) Incorporate an essential oil or an Arnica Oil, if desired.

If you have seasonal allergies or a sinus infection, the pressure could be causing a headache. Massage the facial areas to help relieve sinus pressure, along with other sinus treatments.


Nursing mamas or anyone working with small children (or perhaps a desk occupation?) can find themselves looking down often, causing a tightness in the chest and shoulder muscles and pulling on the back of the neck.

Make sure to focus on stretching often, to open up the chest space and improve neck strength and mobility. I also love Thai Massage (which is really more of “assisted stretches.”)


Sometimes, sleepless nights, such as rocking a teething baby or cuddling a little one back to dreamland, can leave you feeling poorly the next day. Try to grab a short space of time in a darkened room (perhaps with the essential oil), and rest your eyes or even take a nap!


Are you in the process of changing your diet (such as with the Whole 30)? If you are trying to give up caffeine or sugar, you may end up with a headache in the meantime.

Your body needs a new normal, to break through addictions, and to perhaps have a candida infection die off. (If you are dealing with an infection, consult with your health practitioner for the best treatment plan.) However, you may want to try drinking kombucha as a cleansing and nourishing option, and/or starting your day with a glass of lemon water.

There are instructions in my natural remedies ebook, Herbal Nurturing, for making a soothing headache-relieving gel, an arnica massage oil, and sinus treatments, along with other ideas!

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5 comments to Natural Headache Remedies

  • Great info – peppermint oil is always really effective for my headaches. I wish I could get myself to enjoy the flavor of coconut water…until then, it’s regular water for me! :)


  • Paula

    I always take a vitamin B when I feel a headache coming on. If it’s a migraine I also take fish oil which can help blood flow through the veins.


  • Jocelyn

    A massage therapist once told me to put my hands and feet in hot water when I feel a headache coming on to help draw the blood away from the head and neck. I’ve found it to be somewhat helpful and definitely relaxing/soothing. I also rub the meaty part in my hand between my thumb and index finger – this is a reflexology technique that has definitely helped me reduce headache pain. Thanks for the other great tips!


    Michele Reply:

    Yes, fabulous ideas! Thanks for adding these. :)


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