Postpartum Health & Fashion: Fit2B & Embracing Beauty Giveaway!

My midwife and chiropractor each have given me the same encouragement over the past year: “Exercise/Stretch for Healing; Repair that Muscle Damage!”

(“Ok, thanks,” I said. And proceeded to do nothing.)

But by the time my maternity clothes were packed away (Thanks, Trina), my abdominal muscles still hadn’t healed. It’s called Diastasis Recti; that separation of the muscles that causes a little “pooch” in front.

The muscle separation is normal during pregnancy, to accommodate your growing baby. But the muscles can have trouble healing when postpartum; especially after repeated pregnancies.

The lack of abdominal support creates a weakness, that snowballs into backaches; even “putting my back out” on occasion, just with simple tasks like vacuuming. (Then, the aches proceed through the rest of the body, resulting in sore feet, headaches, etc.)

Each day on my feet, caring for my family, wearing a baby, carrying groceries, and stacks of library books, I notice it.

Finally, I knew the best solution was to actually do something. I followed Trina’s advice in Embracing Beauty, and sought out Fit2B Studio, who specializes in abdominal muscle exercises that are safe for and actually promote healing for Diastasis Recti! (Some types of exercises can actually worsen the problem, to this targeted instruction is so helpful!)

View a Free Sample exercise video here.

Even if you’re not healing a postpartum belly, these are wholesome exercises for everyone in the family!

You can read my review of Embracing Beauty here, and see how it has simplified my wardrobe on a budget, after I packed up those maternity clothes!

Today, we are giving away 2 ebook copies of the book Embracing Beauty and one membership of 6 months free to Fit2B!

For everyone else, you can use the discount code frugalgranola to get $10 off a 3-month membership to Fit2B Studio! You can access the short fitness instruction videos on any Internet-ready device.

Also, the ebook Embracing Beauty is available in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle this week, along with a FREE 2-month membership to Fit2B Studio!

To enter to win the giveaway, simply fill out the easy entry form below:

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No purchase necessary. Giveaway ends 5/3/13. Winner will be randomly selected by rafflecopter/ This post contains affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase through my links. Thank you for your support! I received samples for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.
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19 comments to Postpartum Health & Fashion: Fit2B & Embracing Beauty Giveaway!

  • Crickett Brown

    I need to work on healing & strengthening my ab muscles, as well. I have been pregnant 7 times (5 blessings here on Earth & 2 in Heaven) and have realized my abs need A LOT of help!!

    I could also use the input & advice in “Embracing Beauty”.

    Thanks for hosting!!


  • Jenn L

    I need to work on my abs and strength after having my first child.


  • Mindy R

    I have suffered with Diastasis Recti since having my son in 2004, but this is the first time I’ve actually heard it called a specific name. It’s so comforting to know that I’m not the only one suffering with this, but I would love to be able to do some targeted exercises to improve it!


  • Jaime B

    I just gave birth to my 3rd baby four weeks ago and need to heal a diastasis. I’ve been eyeing the fit2b program and as my husband’s current job is coming to an end, it would be a blessing to win a 3 month subscription. And anyone who knows me, knows I need serious fashion help!!


  • Heidi

    I need HELP! with the fitness


  • Maria Douglass

    I’m 38 weeks along and ready for baby to come!!!! I know this would totally help postpartum!! I’m crazed about NOT getting a diastasis recti!


  • Both of these things would be lovely. I don’t have kids yet but the hubster and I are aiming to soon. We come from a background in which health was largely ignored so we are making steps toward better health and fitness before the babies come. I have also succumbed to “homemaker wardrobe syndrome” so the style advice would be fabulous too!


  • Vicky

    I work out at home and am always looking for ways to change it up. Also, I am fashion challenge so any help I can get would be good!


  • Sara

    I’ve used some of the fit2B free videos (and their 3 for $3). It’s awesome, and I’d love to use more of her videos!


  • I have diastasis recti and would like to try to heal it.


  • Heather

    I want to win this because after 3 kids in 3 1/2 years my abs are shot! My pouch is much bigger than it should be and based on the antics of my last baby I know that if I don’t get things tightened up any future pregnancy could end up the same way. No way a 9+ pound baby should flip breech at 41+ weeks! Unfortunately it wasn’t hard for him…


  • I’ve been eying Trina’s book. I think it’s one I for sure need. I really don’t enjoy shopping for clothes and hate to pay much money for something I will probably stain or rip anyway. I’m all about cheap and comfortable but worry that how I dress doesn’t reflect my true self.


  • Julie

    ive been working really hard on getting into shape this past year, and not had much success especially getting a toned stomach.


  • Lynn

    I am hopeless when it comes to clothing styles and I could use all the help I can get. This book sounds perfect!


  • Erin H

    I just pulled an ab muscle because I haven’t re-strengthened my core after 2 pregnancies. I was excited to see this!


  • sarah

    I love thrift store shopping but I could definitely use some fresh inspiration. I don’t have any natural fashion sense.
    Also, I just had my first baby 11 months ago, and my abs feel like they have no life left at all!


  • Brittany

    Four babies in 6 years has left a bit to be desired in my tummy area. I’d love to get rid of the mama pooch!


  • I’m about 8 weeks or so away from having my first baby. I’m sure I’ll need some help getting back my abdominal strength!


  • Lois

    I would love to win this. I have had diastasis recti since the birth of my first born 8 yrs ago. I have slowly tried to regain strength there, but this looks and sound great!! I am pg again, with #4 and really don’t want it to get worse!!


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