5 Natural Energy Boosters

When I’ve spent the night up with a baby, and the rest of the day is speeding by with my to-do list, I have a few favorite energy-boosters that I turn to. I prefer to avoid caffeine; instead I’d rather nourish my body with something more beneficial.

(Of course, a nap/bit of rest is great, too…) But here are my other top choices:

  • A breath of fresh air: whether it is sunny or raining, a short walk (even just to the mailbox!) gets you moving and clears the mental clutter.
  • Put on some music! My kids love to dance around the kitchen with me while I prepare dinner, and it really takes away that cranky, late afternoon mood.

What do you usually choose? I’d love to hear!

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4 comments to 5 Natural Energy Boosters

  • sarah

    My surefire pick-me-ups are: 1) chug a big glass of water; 2) some mild exercise, like gentle stretching or a short yoga routine; 3) if I have time for a snack, I love a banana with a few cubes of cheese, and a cup of green tea with honey… 8-9 hours of sleep is awesome but not always possible with a teething baby!! :)


    Michele Reply:

    Fabulous ideas! :)


  • maura

    Great suggestions! I, too, battle fatigue. Lately, I have been chugging a mini smoothie of:

    coconut milk
    greens powder
    raw sunflower seeds

    Before I know it, I am cheerful and back in full swing.


    Michele Reply:

    Sounds great! :)


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