A Simple Rainy Day

In between welcoming Memorial Day guests to our inn on this rainy weekend, we’ve captured a few moments of family time- indoors with stacks of books and quilts, and outdoors under the new green leaves and birdsong.

Poppies in the woods.

Scrabble and a surprise gift of handmade marshmallows.

A springtime salad of lettuce sprouts, thinned from the garden.

A morning pot of tea.

Soup, made with last year’s garden produce (pulled from the freezer).

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2 comments to A Simple Rainy Day

  • I have the same teapot but in blue! I was so close to buying the yellow one, instead I settled for yellow, blue and lime cups. :) They came in the mail two days ago. I am going to have a tea with my girls next week, each of them gets to take a cup home with them this summer.


    Michele Reply:

    Fun! I probably wouldn’t have chosen yellow, either, if it was for me, but my husband got them for our coffeehouse to match yellow mugs he already had. They are cheery! :)


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