Homemade Natural Baby Ointment

I’ve used the same basic “recipe” for baby ointment on each of my babies these past few years. Occasionally, I have mixed in some extra herbs or essential oils for a specific need, but the base stays the same.

It is easier to mix up on warmer days, so I don’t have to take the extra step of softening the cold oils. So, it seems every spring, when the sunshine first arrives, I’m in the kitchen mixing up a batch of baby ointment!

This is perfect for giving as a homemade baby shower gift, too. Just package it up and label it for the new mama.

I’ve seen a lot of pseudo-natural Shea Butter products commercially available, but they often have extra chemical additives. I like the unrefined, organic Shea Butter from Mountain Rose Herbs.

We actually don’t need ointment very often, so I just make a small amount to keep in a jar in the diaper bag “just in case.” Feel free to double/quadruple this recipe if needed! It lasts a long time.

Homemade Natural Baby Ointment

2 Tbl. Shea Butter, slightly softened
1 Tbl. Coconut Oil, slightly softened
about 1 Tbl. Arrowroot Powder (or as much as needed)

Add softened Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to a mixing bowl. (You don’t want them liquified; if they are too liquid, cool in the fridge for a few minutes.)

Mix together with a hand mixer or a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, until combined. Gradually add in the arrowroot powder, and continue mixing, until it thickens into a fluffy ointment consistency (looks like frosting).

Makes about 1/4 Cup

Variations to stir in:

  • Powdered, dried Plantain Leaves
  • A few drops of Calendula Tincture
  • A few drops of therapeutic-grade Essential Oils

Cloth Diapering?

Since it doesn’t contain zinc oxide, it is technically safe to use on cloth diapers. I have noticed, though, that the oils tend to build up on some fabrics, such as the velour diapers. You may want to put in a diaper liner or temporarily use disposables, if you prefer.

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7 comments to Homemade Natural Baby Ointment

  • This sounds like a lovely ointment, Michele. We also love unrefined Shea butter – it is so soothing on the skin.


  • Linda

    Is there anything that can be used instead of the Shea butter for a nut allergic person?


    Michele Reply:

    Good question… hmmm… I haven’t tried anything else, but there should be something else you could try. I’m sure it would depend on the type of nut allergy; some are ok with Shea. Perhaps just the coconut oil? Or, maybe you could use mango seed butter? Mountain Rose Herbs has a good selection of options. http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/index.php?AID=111894 Just click on the butters page. Hope that helps! :)


  • Sarah

    This ointment seems great! I made a batch this morning since my daughter has a rash from eating tomatoes.
    Anyway, I was just wondering about the grainy texure. The arrowroot powder stayed pretty grainy even though I used an electric mixer. Maybe I didn’t mix it long enough? Does it need to be mixed for quite a while? Perhaps the arrowroot poweder could be left out… is it just for thickening?
    Thanks for the recipe! It’s quick and easy!


    Michele Reply:

    Hmmm… Maybe it depends on the brand of arrowroot? Mine is very powdery, and not grainy at all. Yes, it is just for thickening, so you could leave it out. Hope it helps! :)


  • Christine Waterbury

    What about adding chamomile? I would think that it would be very soothing or Inner leaf aloe?


    Michele Reply:

    Those sound like great ideas!


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