Simple Springtime Endeavors

Now that we are in the midst of spring, our family has been venturing out on adventures and tackling projects.

For us, living simply means we strive to fill our days with meaningful endeavors, balancing the nest of home with decluttering, and building relationships.

Outside, we have walked tulip fields, discovered lizards and other little critters, spied on newly-hatched baby robins, and collected handfuls of spring floral bouquets. I’ve been crowned with rhododendron blooms, and gifted fluffy chicken feathers.

On the road, we experienced the Tacoma Art Museum (and loved the Eric Carle exhibit), plus watched glass-making at The Museum of Glass. (Both were visited by the use of free passes from the library.)

Along the excursion, we visited a favorite gluten-free bakery, and rode the (free) light rail train. (The train inspector was chuckling at the glee exuded by our children over a day of trains and cupcakes).

Indoors, we created a cozy new bedroom for our growing-up little girl, out of a little hallway nook. Tucked in behind her chosen dramatic floral velvet curtains (from the thrift store), she cuddles under vintage afghans to read at the window. We hung cross-stitched and handmade art, handed down through the generations of family, to simply adorn the walls.

Homemade gifts (mostly from Flourishing Spring) with dried herbs, soothing oils, and fragrant spices, were lovingly prepared for Mother’s Day and May birthdays. A fine layer of sparkly glitter dust keeps appearing on our countertops and faces.

A sunny walk, with the baby stroller, to the post office to mail the packages, was filled with the greenish scent of new buds, blossoming branches, and the bubbling of full creeks. Neighbors waved, as they finished working in the afternoon sun.

We mixed and flipped pancakes and with friends, sharing a community dinner (where the average attendee was about age 7, and thrilled to have eggs for dinner!). We were covered in a dusting of cinnamon, and then carted out handfuls of viney tomatoes offered from a friend’s abundance.

Time ran late, as we scrambled to sort out ingredients and stir up one more batch, but we laughed. The babies collaborated in curiosity, emptying boxes and toddling with a broom. Children delivered lilac and alyssum petals, stashed in tiny paper cups filled with water.

I think barbecue preparations are in the works, and a bit of hammering on secret wooden projects is happening under the swing. (“A surprise for Mama,” they’ve announced.)

How is springtime in your home?

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