Spring Planning

Living a very full life means a constant evaluation of what is necessary, what is adding richness and value, and what is excess.

Spring always seems to be a season of introspection and potential change for our family. We soak in the sun and relish the spring rains, as we till the garden soil, look for green sprouts, and pull out calendars and books for planning and prayer.

Intentional moments of quiet, carved out in days of activity, give us a chance to prioritize, dream, and prepare. God whispers our dreams- His dreams- back to our hearts when we ask him for wisdom and clarity.

I watch creativity unfolding in my children, as they pound rocks, pick flowers, paint, and explore. The longer hours of evening light means giggles at late suppers, stacks of books at the bedside for an extra bit of storytime, and whispered ideas and questions at sunset.

I love facilitating and cultivating a heart for learning in my children, plus setting an example of continued learning myself. I have begun our homeschool planning for the coming school year, knowing that fall will arrive rapidly as a busy summer closes (due to our inn’s seasonal business).

I study home education-themed books for inspiration and encouragement, jot down ideas, and plan for opportunities and supplies. The constant questions and topics of interest fuel our library research and life experiences.

These precious little ones are constantly growing and changing. The baby is a curious, toddling walker now (so the messes have expanded), the preschooler has started basic reading (so we revisit stories of Mat, Sam, and Dot),  and the oldest is now almost 6 1/2 with an explosion of her own soulful insights and dreams!

I look forward to sharing some of our exciting goals, plans, projects, and experiences with you in the coming months! We warmly invite you to join us on our journey of simple living, by subscribing to this blog (in a reader or email), and by visiting us on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter.

We appreciate you, and encourage you to stay in conversation; what would you like to read or learn about here at Frugal Granola? Let’s share life together.

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