They Change Me

I’m in the midst of the “little years,” with a 6-year-old, a 3 1/2-year-old, and a 1-year-old. It’s a time of minimal sleep, lots of messes, and much change.

I’m learning not to rush the seasons.

I can see the growth happening in each child, and it reminds me how quickly they change.

The baby in his sweet little footed pajamas, who keeps waking at night, really will get all his teeth and sleep longer someday. The snuggly toddler has grown into a preschooler who looks at books until he falls asleep (instead of my arm falling asleep to hold his hand every night). The busy preschooler has turned into an independent child, journaling or reading in the twilight hours (instead of loudly singing).

Even before they shout, “Me do it!,” they embrace much of life in their own way, and in their own time.

Not only are they changing, but so am I.

Each child, each season, has shaped and refined me (and still is). Often what seemed urgent and important those childless years ago, is not even a flicker in my day anymore.

Yes, the measuring spoons are missing, and I have a basket of mismatched socks, but everything will come to rights eventually. Meanwhile, those precious feet quickly outgrow the socks anyway, and I make the same favorite toddler treats so often, I don’t even bother to measure.

A “quick” time of Bible reading and prayer turns into a time of awe, as we answer the deep “Why” questions of what we believe. (Oh, how good it is for me to define this for myself, as well as igniting their own desire to learn.)

Those days on the adoption waiting list or weeks of pregnancy (and intense minutes of labor) drove me to surrender my timeline and plans.

I am learning that friendships are not always going to be surrounding me with constant empathy, encouragement, and support. However, I can depend on my Savior, the Giver of Life, to nourish me daily, and to equip me for the trials.

The years have unraveled me and knitted together a family.

It is a rebirth of sorts. In the constant explaining of values, of discipline, of prioritizing, I discover my passions. I thrill to introduce my children to the glorious world around them, hidden in fairy tales, rural wooded trails, halls of art and music, acts of service, and flavors galore.

We delve into discovery, battle with self-will, reach to show love, to find what will last.

We each grow.

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3 comments to They Change Me

  • So sweet and true. I have 5 precious children and I can’t even remember what life was like without them. I know that I have changed and my walk with Christ is even better as a result. Thanks for sharing.


  • Andrea

    Thanks so much for this post written from your heart. I have kiddos myself and my husband and I are currently on the adoption journey. It is good to be reminded of God’s control and perfect timing for us. Thank you again.


  • Hippie4ever

    Loved this post :)


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