A Glimpse in the Garden

Well, the chickens munched down the spinach, but it bounced back, and the chard is doing well. (We’ve had some for supper already.)

It looks like the carrots need thinning. The squash was just replanted (the first batch froze in the spring), and I spied blossoms on the tomatoes this morning. The kale is happy, among other greens tucked around the nooks of the garden space. Fresh green onions and chives are a fun addition to light summer dishes.

I’m looking forward to adding more garden produce to our meals as the summer continues!

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3 comments to A Glimpse in the Garden

  • Lisa

    Are spinach and kale fairly easy to grow?


    Michele Reply:

    Yes, they do seem to grow pretty easily. If you choose to plant starts instead of seeds, they will be even easier for you. Harvest often, so they don’t bolt. :)


  • Yes, they are easy to grow…unless you have chickens :)…actually I have found that if a mature plant is cropped fairly short, it seems to grow back bigger and stronger than ever!


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