A Road Trip & Summer Fun

Our family just returned from a weekend excursion, where we attended a homeschooling conference and enjoyed some time camping at the beach.

Calvin and I took turns attending workshops at the conference, while the rest of us would explore the exhibit hall of vendors (the kids adored the Timberdoodle booth!). There was also a zoo visit, plus sampling a new gluten-free restaurant.

As parents, we came away encouraged and inspired (and the kids had fun). We appreciated the affirmation and biblical teaching to continue in our goals of discipleship, and the framework for our family’s lifestyle. I enjoyed hearing from the Dunagans and Heidi St. John, among others.

I also appreciated being able to stock up on our homeschooling supplies at the Used Curriculum Exchange; especially some supplemental items for history. I also found the game In a Pickle, which we immediately enjoyed playing the next day on our camping trip. Our almost-4-year-old needed help reading the words on the game cards, but then was thrilled to participate in the game; so I would ignore the higher age range suggested on the box.

Our trip involved hours of driving, so we made use of these Free Road Trip Ideas: a scavenger hunt, face drawing, an activity pack, and game prompts. (I packed clipboards to easily use and keep track of everything.) We also packed a big bag of books, including a couple Life of Fred books (which are making math even more fun).

Some friends loaned us camping cots, including a small bunk bed for the two older kids. (The baby slept in the cosleeper.) We enjoyed a night of tent camping, and spent the morning exploring the beach.

It was a drizzly, grey day, but it didn’t hinder our fun (we were prepared with boots and yellow raincoats!). When the tide was out, we found interesting types of seaweeds and little sea critters, and there was plenty of digging in the sand and chasing the waves. We played with puzzles, toys and books in a favorite beachside library for awhile when it got too blustery.

We hurried home to start a week of Vacation Bible School in our community, and the entire family has enjoyed participating. I am preparing snacks again, serving up wholesome- but tasty- foods to keep everyone going (such as popcorn, watermelon, smoothies made into popsicles, veggies with taco/bean dip, etc).

Swimsuits are hanging up to dry right now, and I’m trying to get caught up on the laundry after traveling. Unfortunately, our dryer broke over a week ago, and a repair technician won’t be able to come until July. Sweet friends and family have been loaning us the use of their dryers until ours is fixed. (It has been a fun chance to visit with friends a bit more often than usual, though!)

How is your summer going so far?

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