Continuing a Journey

Last week, I bundled up my morning early-bird baby into the stroller on a dark, blustery, rainy morning, and we strolled through the doors of the local community college to register for classes.

After about 11 years of rich life experiences, full with the depth of emotion, growth, and priceless memories, our family has decided that it is time for Mama to go back to school.

The years outside of college walls have enriched me with practical skills, the maturity of relationships, and defined my passions. My love for learning has only increased over the years. The stacks of library books are ever-present, medical journal articles are regularly browsed over tea, and friends frequently call upon me for health recommendations and encouragement.

Over the years, when the topic of my “official” education has come up, God has faithfully guided us, and whispered to my heart, “Not yet, my dear.” Instead of college courses, He has supplied us with incredible seasons of life.

Many of you, sweet readers, have accompanied me through several of these years, as I’ve chronicled an assortment of lessons and events here on the blog. Your support has meant so much.

And then, a springtime of opportunity and dreams arrived. As we prayed and whispered our dreams aloud, placing the treasures of our hearts into the hands of trusted advisors, the song sung back to us was clear: It is time.

Our goal is for me to pick up where I left off as a young newlywed a decade ago, but better supplied with the wealth of life learning. I am pursuing the coursework needed to serve women as a midwife, combining my passions for empowering women/families with birth choices, equipping them for healthy pregnancy and postpartum seasons, establishing breastfeeding, and providing natural health options.

Ever since I journeyed alongside pregnant women and shared hours in the energy of the birthing room during my high school years, I knew this is where I belonged.

We have long carried with us a heart for under-served populations in rural areas locally and internationally. We place our future in the Lord’s hands, content to see where He will place us (or keep us) in the years to come. We love living close to family, and are grateful to currently remain in our community.

I am finishing up the last bit of prerequisites as I prepare for applying to grad school. My children giggle at the fact that Mommy has schoolwork, too, but eagerly cheer me on, in my pursuit of “helping ladies,” as they say. (They carry their own memories of participating in our babies’ home births and midwife visits, already.)

They peer over my shoulder, inquisitively inspecting those curious diagrams of cells and muscles, sharing their school pencils and paper with me. My Beloved tells me, “This is what you were made to do,” as his eyes twinkle with joy.

I hope my new experiences will continue to overflow to this blog. As I frugally budget for groceries, I save up for books and classes. I skim pages of memory work, while a simple supper bubbles in the crockpot. My preparations for homeschooling our children are tucked into a binder, ready for busy mornings and quiet afternoons of stories, painting, and numbers. The collection of natural remedies will soon be expanding, for my family’s library and yours.

Thank you for walking with me.

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