Father’s Day Appreciation

A note to my Beloved today…

I appreciate you:

When I see you holding a wheelbarrow heavily loaded with debris, slowing your steps up the hill so that little ones can keep up.

When you hold a toddler’s hand until he falls asleep.

When you haul the whole crowd of little ones out for an “adventure” to the hardware store.

When you turn mowing the lawn into a relay race, so that everyone can have a turn “helping” you push the new mower.

When you pull that red wagon down the road, so we can take a family walk.

When you read “just one more” bedtime story.

When you mix up those early morning pancakes.

When you distribute hand tools during the gardening, so even the littlest one can help till up the soil.

When your strong hands help bring our babies into the world.

When get soaked helping shampoo a preschooler’s muddy hair.

When you make each respectable, brave decision of self-sacrifice for our family.

When you massage my feet or shoulders after a tiring day of pregnancy or babywearing.

When you take a turn in the wee hours of the morning to cuddle with a fussy baby.

When you rediscover a childhood favorite bedtime story.

When you still call our little girl “Sweetheart” even though it has been a long day.

When you clean the vomit from the carseat or crib, in our division of labor.

When you wrestle through the latches to reinstall the row of carseats.

When you disciple with words of biblical wisdom, planting seeds into souls.

When you bestow a name of meaning over each new baby.

When you gently kiss the owies and apply Veggie Tales bandages.

When you tuck that little red potty-training seat under your arm, during a family outing.

When you nurture dreams.

When they call for “Daddy” or “Papa.”

Thank you.

I know I don’t always say it, but I see you. I’m honored to be your wife and the mama of your children. I carry within my heart a deep respect for the life you live.

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