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In our pursuit of living frugally and naturally over the years with a growing family, having a “Mama’s Toolbox” of sorts has been imperative. Over time, we also relocated into a more remote area, with limited access to healthcare resources (especially natural ones).

In talking with a local friend awhile back, we “commiserated” a bit, noting that as mamas, we’ve needed to educate ourselves and stockpile natural remedies “just in case.” There is no “quick trip” to Urgent Care or the natural foods co-op for us; they are hours away.

We have learned that prevention is more worthwhile than even the best cure. If we can nourish our bodies, we help sustain immunity and quality of health for everyone (not just the children). I can bless my husband by stocking the fridge with a balanced assortment of comfort foods and supplements and giving him the best wife I can be.

During seasons of rebuilding (perhaps after an illness, postpartum/breastfeeding, or just beginning a transition to a healthier diet), it is helpful to equip ourselves with the knowledge of identifying nutrient deficiencies, as well as necessary supplements.

Books such as Rebuild from Depression: A Nutrient Guide, Tips & Tricks to Remineralize and Repair Your Teeth, and my own Herbal Nurturing provide essential elements to the toolbox. (If you do visit the doctor’s office, these also equip you with what questions to ask, tests to request, and resources to respond to a diagnosis.)

Meanwhile, an awareness of potential chemical exposure (such as in food additives, cleaning supplies, and cosmetics) can assist us in providing a nurturing home environment for our families. As we establish healthy routines, and teach our children to care for their home and bodies, we develop the foundation of our legacy.

This is such a gift to our family: modeling simplified routines, serving up a nourishing dinner that has simmered in the crock-pot, amid the dailyness of restocking the pantry, soothing babies and changing diapers. Even in the “roller coaster” times, we can care for our own emotional wellness (such as with the deep encouragement of Pain Redeemed or a basic pampering from Natural Beauty Recipes).

Have you equipped yourself with a helpful toolbox? Or are you feeling overwhelmed?

Special Offer!

This week only, as a helping hand, we are offering an assortment of the essentials for every mama’s toolbox that have been collected into a package deal, making it more affordable than ever to equip yourself. (Plus, there are a variety of coupons and free samples!)

I’d love to come sit in your kitchen, hold your baby, help you whittle down the piles of laundry and dishes, and stock your cupboards with natural foods and remedies. Since I can’t be there, I’m happy to offer this collection of ebooks instead, as a vital resource.

Go here to view the enter collection and bonuses:

I am an author of one of the ebooks in this collection, and so I may earn a small commission if you chose to make a purchase through my links. Thank you so much for your support!

View FAQs about the sale here

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