Menu Plan {6.2-8}

As the weather warms up, I am gradually making fewer oven meals, and planning more slow-cooker or stovetop meals. I’ve also been teaching my 6-year-old some simple recipes lately, as she has been interested in cooking. I am looking forward to the arrival of our co-op order this week to restock the pantry!

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Sun 6/2 Omelets, Toast, Kefir Smoothies Popcorn, Cottage Cheese, Raw Veggies Black Bean Soup, Muffins, Green Salad
Mon 6/3 Smoothies, Eggs, Toast Almond Butter Sandwiches, Oranges Crockpot Roast Lamb, Bread, Green Salad
Tue 6/4 Pancakes, Homemade Yogurt Bean Salad, Carrot Sticks Salmon & Rice Casserole, Green Beans
Wed 6/5 Leftover Rice, Homemade Yogurt Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Apples Hummus & Tortillas, Raw Veggies, Kefir Smoothies
Thu 6/6 Pancakes, Kefir Smoothies Hard Boiled Eggs, Biscuits, Carrot-Apple Salad Crockpot Ratatouille, Muffins
Fri 6/7 Muffins, Kefir Smoothies Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Apples Taco Salad, Brown Rice
Sat 6/8 Eggs, Zucchini Bread Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Apples BBQ with Friends


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2 comments to Menu Plan {6.2-8}

  • Sarah

    The salmon rice casserole sounds intriguing… is there a recipe to share? thanks :)


    Michele Reply:

    I just mix a can of wild Alaska salmon with a pot of brown rice, and stir in some homemade vinaigrette dressing. :) Sometimes I add in peas or green veggies.


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