Our Summertime Learning

For the month of June, I’ve been intentional about establishing routines, family time, and summer learning opportunities.

As a homeschooling family, we choose to provide some “school” experiences for our children year-around, because it is something we enjoy. We strive to cultivate a love for life-long learning. Plus, I will be starting my own new classes in July, that make a new schedule/routine necessary.

This month, we are going through the gentle learning framework of Elizabeth Foss’ Along the Alphabet Path. It has been a pleasant change of pace, and ties in perfectly with the seasonal flowers blooming all around our home! Watercolors and fairy songs are a sweet way to drift into the summer.

As a read-aloud, we are also going through Ambleside’s recommendation of Fifty Famous Stories Retold, which I downloaded for free. We are also reading some of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tales, from a vintage book that I found at a library book sale last year. Redwall is halfway completed already, and is definitely a favorite!

We still have Horizons phonics and math workbooks. We typically do one page a day, but sometimes they decide to do more!

The preschooler has The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading (he also likes BOB Books) and the first grader has First Language Lessons. They both find these short lessons enjoyable, and often do pattern blocks or drawing while we read. (Or, we frequently read them outside on the porch in the sunshine as the season warms up!) And I appreciate that they don’t require prep work for Mama!

Summer days are full of outside play, splashing in the creek, digging in the dirt, rolling down the grassy hill, picking wildflowers, gardening, picnicking, and swinging on the swings.

All year long, we pick up tall stacks of books from the library, for quiet reading in the hot afternoons and bedtime. We also add in some educational DVDs, which we enjoy for family viewing, such as the Drive Thru History sets or science/nature documentaries.

During the rest of the year, we follow the Story of the World history curriculum, and they enjoy revisiting the stories and events by listening to the audio versions during the summer.

I plan to start introducing the 24 Family Ways this year, as we continue discipling in Biblical study and character training.

I picked up a small “end table” with drawers at a thrift store recently, to use as our craft table. (It is short enough for the children to stand around.) It is stocked with construction paper, old magazines, glue sticks, crayons, child scissors, Doodling Books, etc, and they are often creating their own projects as inspiration strikes throughout the day.

Our summer plan is a bit “lighter” than the rest of the school year, and when fall arrives, we are all excited to dive in!

(I will share our fall homeschool plans later! Let me know if you have any questions.)

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