What I’m Reading

I’ve wrapped up most of my summer reading list early this year, as I’m now opening up school books to study. Just in case you’re on a more “normal” routine, and want some ideas, here is my list:

Bread & Wine

Shauna Niequist is one of my favorite authors, and I adored this book. The honesty and creativity of her writing makes you feel like you are a dear friend; thoroughly hugged and inspired to share life with others.

Freefall to Fly

I read this one on a road trip (as a passenger, obviously), and couldn’t put it down. I kept reading bits aloud, actually, wholeheartedly nodding “Yes” to her insights and discoveries.


Sweet encouragement from a duo of dear Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae abounds in this book-from-the heart for moms. Motherhood can be exhausting, and this book was refreshing.

Life After Art

I found some really valuable, practical tips for encouraging my children as we create art together in our homeschooling. (I’m not sure if that was the author’s intention, but I gleaned it anyway.) But deeper than that, he expounds on the spiritual aspect of creativity. I loved it!

You’re Already Amazing

This book is pure nourishment for the soul. It exudes joy, and walks you through some crucial steps for establishing a foundation of wholeness, truth and perspective, in order to fully experience life.


Reading this book felt like a precious, peaceful gift. It was a much-needed, fresh glimpse of life, of the awe and holiness everyday. I carried it in my purse for weeks, pulling it out for quick reads while waiting at appointments. It was an inspiring breath of fresh air.

What is on your list this summer?

I am also previewing some books for the upcoming Natural Mothering Bundle, and I will fill you in on the details next week!

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