Herbal Adventures: A Pocket Guide of Seasonal Natural Remedies

Three years ago, I wrote Herbal Nurturing, and have kept in mind the subsequent comments and suggestions. Now, a supplement edition is ready!

After seasons full of hiking, road trips, and camping excursions, I’ve collected our first aid natural remedies into a new “pocket guide”-sized ebook to help you prepare for all your adventures!

If you’ve been wanting to learn a bit more about natural remedies, Herbal Adventures is a great place to start. I offer some basic suggestions, with choices of essential oils, herbs, and homeopathics. It serves as a simple introduction to using these for your family.

If you aren’t quite comfortable preparing your own remedies yet, or are in a hurry, I also include tips of our favorite store-bought natural remedies as an option.

Herbal Adventures: A Pocket Guide of Seasonal Natural Remedies

by Michele Augur of Frugal Granola

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Traveling, outdoor adventures, and active lifestyles often result in a need for a little extra comfort care.

This simple guide, with over a dozen remedies and additional tips, will assist you in putting together a staple kit for excursions, or serve as a quick dosing/shopping reference. Items in this assortment also make wonderful homemade gifts for your favorite gardener or outdoor enthusiast!

My first book, Herbal Nurturing: A Family Healing & Learning Guide offers a more extensive collection of remedies and long-term nourishment ideas, as well as a selection of family activities. This current installment focuses on some of the more seasonal concerns, which you may encounter on a short-term basis.

Both ebooks complement each other, providing additional resources and suggestions, without much overlap. For your convenience, I have adapted a few of the formulas, but recommend keeping both copies available for use.

If you’re entering a season of campfires, hiking, road trips, and other adventures, make sure you are prepared to naturally soothe burns, nausea, scrapes, bugs, stings, poison ivy, nosebleeds, food poisoning, insomnia, fungal infections, and more.

Select from homemade remedies with simple instructions, or suggestions for quality commercially-made products at the store, using herbs, essential oils, or homeopathics, based on your preference. It includes an often-requested supply checklist, along with the handy symptom index for quick reference.

Finally, First Aid you can feel good about.

Only $6.50!

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What others are saying:

“Michele’s original book, Herbal Nurturing, has long been one of my go-to resources for healing my family. So when I first saw “Herbal Adventures,” I was thrilled to have a supplemental book that would see us through the summer season of bug bites, camping adventures, and long days of swimming.
And Michele has not disappointed. This thorough little pocket guide gives much-needed wisdom that is easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to put into practice. Michele’s passion for herbs and natural healing spills out onto these pages and I have no doubt that you’ll soon find yourself inspired to discover a new herb, try a new remedy, or seek a new adventure.”

– Kresha Faber, NourishingJoy.com

“Herbal Adventures is a must have for adventures, regardless if Herbal Nurturing is part of your collection or not. This tiny book is packed full of natural remedies. Michele has you covered, whether you are looking to a natural bug repellent, soothe an upset tummy with a fragrant tea, or soothe a sunburn. Heal your body with God’s gift of herbs!”

– Katie Stanley of NourishingSimplicity.org

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Sample Previews:

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Herbal Bee Sting Paste- Click on image to view full size.

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  • Jackie Leyba

    I entered the discount code and paypal told me that the code has cancelled.


    Michele Reply:

    So sorry! It is fixed now! :) Thanks for letting me know!


  • derya

    I would like to buy two of your book however pay pal says that you do not accept non-US credit card billing addresses and we live in Turkey! I tried to pay without the pay pal but it does not give me that option either. Can you help me with this?


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