Menu Plan {7.7-13}

Our garden is producing well, so I am leaving room in my plan to adjust with whatever is ready. I know I will have some spinach to use, and likely some other greens as well. Our chickens are giving us eggs each day, too!

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Sun 7/7 Omelets, Banana Muffins Peanut Butter Popcorn, Melon, Kefir Smoothies Baked Potato Bar
Mon 7/8 Porridge, Kefir Smoothies Hard Boiled Eggs, Melon, Bread Hummus & Tortillas, Raw Veggies
Tue 7/9 Banana Muffins, Cottage Cheese Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Melon Chicken Stir-Fry, Brown Rice
Wed 7/10 Pancakes, Homemade Yogurt Cheese Sandwiches, Salad Crockpot Roast Lamb, Bread, Green Salad
Thu 7/11 Porridge, Eggs Leftover Chili, Raw Veggies Spinach Frittata, Fruit Salad, Kefir Smoothies
Fri 7/12 Pancakes, Eggs Lentil Tacos, Raw Veggies Homemade Pizza, Green Salad
Sat 7/13 Porridge, Eggs Cheese Sandwiches, Raw Veggies Spring Rolls, Brown Rice, Melon
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