Ordering Our Days

It’s a new season in our home, and we are adjusting to a new order of our days.

Mama is now back in school, awaking with the early summer sun, and spending mornings immersed in microbiology and a world of microscopic views. It is an incredible time of equipping, seeing our family’s vision nurtured, and a joy for learning.

I am sent off each morning, with the love of my family, thrilled to see me getting this opportunity. We are excited to be reunited in the afternoons, and to pick up our evening routines.

My 6-year-old is fascinated to hear about my studies of “germs,” scientists, and the incredible tales of historical epidemiological discoveries. (The European plagues are of special interest right now.)

My boys run to cuddle and laugh with me when I return home, little knights reunited with their princess, eager to tell me of their days’ battles, and show me their swords of wood.

I make sure to pump milk while we are apart, so that my toddler can still benefit from a bit of “mommy milk” midday. (And, of course, we continue “comfort nursings” when I am home.)

My beloved has blessed me by shouldering many of the responsibilities at home while I am away, while still working from home. He makes sure homeschooling topics are introduced, and diapers are changed. He faithfully disciples our little ones, teaching them to walk in faith each day.

My children insisted on being “photographers” to get a picture of me in my lab coat! :)

We have chosen to cling to our values, continuing all we have established for our family. I have our homeschool curriculum ready, and I reserve moments of my days to share in this journey with our children. Intentional quality time as a married couple is vital (and sometimes it means leaving the laundry hanging on the line overnight).

When my classmates are filling spare moments with snacks from the vending machine, I enjoy frugal and nourishing homemade treats. (A bit of leftover fruit salad, a handful of crispy almonds, or carrots with hummus are all fun options.) I am learning to keep dinner in the crockpot or other preparations ready at home, to help keep life running smoothly.

My commute is long, as I drive through our mountain valley, but it is full of amazing views. The hills of fireweed, foxglove, and lupine, forests of greenery blowing in the wind, farm fields of hay and blueberries, deer dashing to sparkling lakes, and then a glimpse of snow-sprinkled mountaintops as I head back out of the city are all gifts in my day.

I have less time for blogging these days, so I will be writing on a more limited schedule. I plan to update here regularly, but perhaps a bit less frequently in the coming weeks. Thank you for understanding.

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