Summer Learning: Part 2

Summer is a great time for stacks of library books, to be browsed through on a twilight evening, a lazy afternoon, or on a road trip. (We school most of the year, for reasons similar to Jamie’s.)

Lately, we have enjoyed the following items:

This one is has been perfect for bedtime reading, and has great discussion questions at the end of each story.

The fun math stories in the Life of Fred series are a great supplement to our basic math learning. The silly stories are really helping some of the concepts “stick.”

How the States Got Their Shapes has been an interesting DVD for rainy Saturday mornings. We all try to answer the “pop quizzes” and have fun hearing the stories.

Summer is also a fabulous time for outdoor discoveries, such as tadpoles, budding flowers, little snakes, beachcombing finds, and a blossoming garden.

My 6-year-old is getting more proficient in the kitchen, as she helps prepare summertime snacks and picnics. We are continuing the projects I mentioned in Part 1, too.

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