Now He is Four.

Dear Sweet Boy,

Four years ago, you took your time wriggling your way into our arms, and it has been incredible to watch you grow into a strong, dedicated little boy (just what your name means!).

In the past month, you’ve grown an inch and a half! You’ve learned your letters, counted to 100, and now fall asleep with books and a floppy bear instead of hand-holding. I am also thankful that you have overcome your fear of taking a shower.

You are a hard-worker, and it is such a sweet joy to see you savor the fruits of your labor by harvesting garden produce and gathering chicken eggs. You even carry the grocery basket for me these days at the market (a delightful perk of having a son, I must say!).

I love it when you let me enter into your imaginary world of rockets, race cars, knights, tools, and wild animals. I cherish those moments when you still let me hold your hand. (But yes, I know you prefer to comb your own hair and choose your favorite outfits now.)

Your gifts of little sprigs of wildflowers “for your beautiful hair, Mama” always make me smile. I love your heart for beauty. God put that in you, my son; cultivate it for His glory.

Thank you for being our chicken herder, waffle batter stirrer, praise song hummer, watercolor painter, trail hiker, fishing buddy, kindhearted friend, music lover, watermelon eater, eager helper, story crafter, moon gazer, and cautious thinker.

You are a precious gift to our family. Happy Birthday, Enoch! We love you.

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