Reconnecting Around the Summer Table

On hot summer afternoons, when my children aren’t running through the sprinkler in the lawn, they love to collect around the table for some quiet time with mama. These wooden pattern blocks have been one of the best “homeschooling” purchases I’ve ever made!

We do have the tangram-type pattern cards to use with the blocks, but they also love to just “imagine” with them. Along with beautiful abstract patterns, small cities, princesses, fairies, knights, children, jungles, gardens, and animals abound in the “block stories” played out across our small table.

Often, during the quiet time with the pattern blocks, I will read a “very old story” (as they call them) or historic “hero” or classic fairy tales and we will sip icy, homemade lemonade or iced tea (and sometimes nurse the baby).

On other days, we will alternate the blocks with watercolors or beeswax crayons for drawing time while I read aloud.

Eventually, I hear their own stories about their day, revealing heart treasures, and I share some of my own.

This is my children’s favorite “reconnecting” time, after a busy day.

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3 comments to Reconnecting Around the Summer Table

  • What a great idea for some family down time! I have thought of buying those blocks before but haven’t gotten around to it. I think I’ll get some now!


    Michele Reply:

    Have fun! :)


  • – Wow!!! You did an amazing job with this fmialy. You captured so many wonderful moments and I agree Mom does look fabulous! Congrats to them and you on capturing such a precious time.


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