This Week

It is a busy time of year for our family, since we run a bed & breakfast, and it is the height of travel season. We scramble each day to make sure breakfasts are prepared, and rooms, linens, and dishes are completely cleaned.

We typically have 15-25 people come through our home each week. It is incredible to hear their stories, and to meet people from all over the world!

We’re still crafting out ways to maintain quality family time, and to invest in our children’s lives with both fun and character-training moments.

I am mid-way through my summer term of college, and I have found that in order to carve out time for studying, I have to “sacrifice” other enjoyable pursuits. My family still has top priority, but there is no room for hobbies or lingering visits with friends these days.

The sewing machine sits quiet, piled with mending, meals are mostly in the crockpot (no “experimenting” with flavors these days), and my usually-full shelf of library books is nearly empty. However, all the studying I am doing is interesting reading. It is exciting to be delving into topics I’ve long been interested in! (Right now I am studying for Microbiology and Childbirth Education.)

We just celebrated my husband’s birthday, and in quickly mixing up the cake batter late at night, the baking process was marred by mistakes. We giggled through tasting the sweet but oddly chewy dessert!

Our six-year-old has been racing through Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series, and just filled out her first book report. We’re making our way through subtraction (she prefers addition right now). Our three-year-old will be turning four in a couple weeks, and asks me everyday if his birthday is “tomorrow.”

I have been delighted by the arrival of lemon cucumbers in our garden, along with lots of leafy greens. (We tried growing it in years past, but lost those plants to frost or bugs.)

How has your week been?

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