Wrapping up Summer

What a whirlwind of a week we’ve had!

We were thrilled with the last-minute news that Calvin was accepted to paramedic school, so he has waded through the stacks of necessary paperwork, appointments, and orientation classes to begin the year-long journey.

I am heading into my last week of a required Childbirth Educator’s course, and am preparing my final projects and eyeing deadlines.

In between our baby’s doctor check-ups, I raced through the store (with a toddler joyfully experimenting with an ear-piercing screech and a preschooler making race car noises) to pick up the necessary ingredients for a sister’s wedding refreshments. I am assuming everyone has matching socks and shoes for a wedding somewhere in the house (hopefully).

We’ve had a houseful of international guests at our inn this week, and it has been amazing to hear about their cultures, lives, and travels! It makes for busy mornings and late nights, though, as we scrub dishes and prepare breakfasts.

For the most part, I’d say this has been our most fun homeschool year so far. We are forming a routine of what works for us, and discovering ways to keep the learning full of exciting revelations and new ways of teaching.

(Sparkle pom-poms, new puzzles, and some new organizing tools have eliminated some of last year’s challenges.) I will also be sharing about our new behavior modification/incentive program soon, which has helped as well.

We recently enjoyed a simple vegetarian outdoor supper with friends, chatting about favorite obscure podcasts, adoption, cultural diversity, and hilarious old car stories, while the children raced around the lawn, some sporting “royal” dress-up clothes, feather boas, and faux-English accents. (One of our children had to be told to turn off the garden hose, and to stop trying to feed the sweet old dog dessert. Another had to be told to take off someone else’s socks.)

I’ve been loving the bags of frozen organic cherries from Costco, tossing them into homemade milkshakes, bubbly drinks, and smoothies, plus savoring the last of the juicy summer nectarines and peaches. Our garden has had its best year so far, delighting us with handfuls of purplish-red heirloom tomatoes and heads of teal-violet cabbages.

We are eagerly anticipating upcoming time with family this fall, and looking ahead to cooler autumn weather.

I hope your summer is wrapping up beautifully!

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