Naturally Soothing Winter Ailments

A couple weeks ago, I knew it was time to mix up a fresh bottle of our earache-soother oil, when one of our little ones was fussing over an earache that seemed to be getting worse instead of better.  (Sometimes viral ear infections will go away on their own, so. I just kept an eye on it at first.)

We had tackled the cold/cough that had run through our home, and were especially thankful for my little jar of homemade herbal cough syrup. It seemed to do the trick of soothing those wee morning hour coughs when nothing else did. However, the earache was the final symptom.

Thankfully, I had the necessary three ingredients on hand (Mountain Rose Herbs is my favorite source for medicinal herbs). I poured some oil in the pot on the stove, added a couple ingredients, and let it simmer while I worked through our read-alouds for the day. Afterward, I let the oil cool, strained it, and poured it into a repurposed dropper bottle.

After a day or two of administering a few drops into the ear, the pain was gone! We were thrilled that it worked faster than a round of antibiotics, and we were able to work on boosting the immune system instead of hindering it with potentially depleting medications. (Our pediatrician is completely supportive of our use of herbal remedies.)  Plus, we were able to avoid an expensive and time-consuming trip out of town for a doctor/pharmacy visit.

The flu is hitting our community early this year, so next on my to-do list is mixing up a fresh batch of immune-booster syrup! (It’s tasty enough that the kids actually ask for it, so it’s not a challenge to get them to take their small spoonful in the mornings, or drizzle it over pancakes.)

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What are your health goals for the new year?

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