Now He is Four.

Dear Sweet Boy,

Four years ago, you took your time wriggling your way into our arms, and it has been incredible to watch you grow into a strong, dedicated little boy (just what your name means!).

In the past month, you’ve grown an inch and a half! You’ve

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This Week

It is a busy time of year for our family, since we run a bed & breakfast, and it is the height of travel season. We scramble each day to make sure breakfasts are prepared, and rooms, linens, and dishes are completely cleaned.

We typically have 15-25 people come through our home each week. It

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Father’s Day Appreciation

A note to my Beloved today…

I appreciate you:

When I see you holding a wheelbarrow heavily loaded with debris, slowing your steps up the hill so that little ones can keep up.

When you hold a toddler’s hand until he falls asleep.

When you haul the whole crowd of little ones out for an “adventure” to the

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Simple Springtime Endeavors

Now that we are in the midst of spring, our family has been venturing out on adventures and tackling projects.

For us, living simply means we strive to fill our days with meaningful endeavors, balancing the nest of home with decluttering, and building relationships.

Outside, we have walked tulip fields, discovered lizards and other little

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Mama’s Gift Guide & $300 Value Giveaway!

Embracing the seasons of motherhood often means blessing others who have spiritually and physically mothered and mentored me, rather than focusing on my own season. I love surprising these dear ladies with a special gift and note just to show my appreciation. What better occasion than in the coming month, with Mother’s Day approaching?

I have also

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5 Frugal Easter Basket Stuffers {Without the Candy}

For Easter, our family doesn’t go “overboard” on the gift-giving. (Our children usually share a small gift basket/bag.) We like to keep the focus on the Resurrection, but love having a small gift to celebrate with them.

We prefer not to buy “clutter” such as flimsy plastic toys, random stuffed animals, or processed sugar treats. Here are

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Celebrating a Year

My dear baby boy,
What a year it has been since God blessed us with your sweet birth (just in time for lunch, of course)!

Your exuberance for life, curiosity, and focused dedication are obvious to everyone around you. Your joy overflows, and reminds us all of God’s gracious hand upon your life.

I know that

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5 Tips for Making Breakfast Special

Since we run a bed & breakfast, we love making breakfasts extra special. Here are a few simple little touches that are perfect for when you want to surprise your sweetie with breakfast in bed, serve brunch guests, or celebrate a birthday/holiday.

Whipped Cream

If you’re cautious of sugar in your diet, this really doesn’t

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Gluten-Free Devil’s Food Cake

For our little girl’s birthday, she requested a very chocolatey cake, so I immediately thought of a Devil’s Food Cake. She wanted one with pink frosting, so I blended some strawberry preserves into a buttercream frosting, and added a few drops of India Tree natural color to make a pretty pink. (To keep it

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Homemade No-Waste Valentines

As much as I love giving and receiving mail, I wanted give my children something that wouldn’t just end up in the recycling bin hours later. (At ages 2 1/2 and 5 years-old at the time, their attention span wasn’t very long.)

So, last year for Valentine’s Day, I gave them “reusable” love notes. These

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