An Update

Thank you, dear friends, for your patience as I took a long break from this space. Those of who have kept in touch through social media or email (and in person) have truly been a blessing and encouragement through an incredible season of change.

The past year has been full, with completing my prerequisites for

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Glimpses of Gifts

The summer days are passing quickly, and moments are full of passing glimpses of gifts.

My little girl in a dotted tunic, dancing with the chickens around the future site of her auntie’s upcoming wedding…

My busy toddler, speeding around in curiosity, stopping only to visit mama for a quick

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Finding Simple Living Values

Join me over at Keeper of the Home today, where I am writing about how our family strives to craft out a life of simplicity amid changes and challenges! (Guess what… your life doesn’t have to look like mine.)

“Anything outside of our values becomes an extra burden; complicating instead of simplifying life.” —

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A Simple Rainy Day

In between welcoming Memorial Day guests to our inn on this rainy weekend, we’ve captured a few moments of family time- indoors with stacks of books and quilts, and outdoors under the new green leaves and birdsong.

Poppies in the woods.

Scrabble and a surprise gift of handmade marshmallows.

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Simple Springtime Endeavors

Now that we are in the midst of spring, our family has been venturing out on adventures and tackling projects.

For us, living simply means we strive to fill our days with meaningful endeavors, balancing the nest of home with decluttering, and building relationships.

Outside, we have walked tulip fields, discovered

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12 Creative Uses For Orange Peels

Post by Contributing Writer, Katie

Orange trees surround my area. Just down the street there is a whole citrus grove where I can pick as many as I would like. My girls and I eat them everyday! That leaves us with lots of orange peels.

Orange peels have so many exciting possibility.

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January Days

These chilly January days have been perfect for grasping moments here and there.

The entrance of a new year has me eyeing the fleeting time of my little ones’ childhood. So quickly they grow and move on to new interests and abilities!

Our days are full, with projects at the inn (the

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5 Natural Living Goals for 2013 (And How To Achieve Them)

Post by Contributing Writer, Beth

We are just hours away from a sparkling, clean, brand-new year. It’s kind of nice to dream about all the ways in which we’ll improve ourselves and our lives in this magical new unblemished chapter, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me, you are

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Time is Money: A History Lesson


Post by Contributing Writer, Rachael

The fall weather here in the Midwest makes me want to grab a hot cocoa, curl up with a good book and not move from the couch for days. And while I am a big fan of rest and rejuvenation, I often find that I can

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Fall Break

After about 6 weeks of our homeschooling this fall, we are now taking a “Fall Break” this week(since it was already on the calendar for our Classical Conversations group).

We are focusing on projects that have been set aside during busy days (especially during the times of having guests at our inn), and enjoying

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